Pawprints Hondencentrum

The first time I laid eyes on you

I knew right from the start

That you were meant for me alone

You put your paw print on my heart.

You taught me unconditional love

You made me laugh and smile

A little clown of angel white

With all your grace and style 


Uncanny how you seem to know

All my feelings deep inside

Whether happy, sad or in-between

There's nothing from you I can hide

Author: Lori Lengen

Copyright © 2021 Pawprints Hondencentrum

Intelligence in those deep dark eyes

How could one be so smart

You knew just how to capture me

You put your paw print on my heart 


A kiss, a whine, a growl, a bark

A language all your own

I understand your every word

With knowledge I've never known 

I know that I am hooked for life

I will let nothing keep us apart

My friend, my pal, my soul mate

You put your paw print on my heart